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Vaccinations in Clio, MI

Clio Urgent Care offers an array of vaccines to children and adults 7 days a week.

Vaccinations available in Clio Urgent Care

At Clio Urgent Care, our friendly and experienced staff of medical professionals aims to provide you with the vaccinations necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Not only is getting your vaccinations a great preventative measure for your health, it can also protect the health of your children and loved ones. Clio Urgent Care can provide you with a variety of vaccinations quickly and efficiently when you walk into our clinic- no appointment is necessary! Here are the vaccinations that we currently offer at Clio Urgent Care:

  • Flu Shot
  • Tetanus Shot
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination

Our board certified physicians and physician assistants are happy to help you and your family with getting your vaccinations, all in a timely manner and at an affordable cost. Clio Urgent Care is a family friendly walk-in clinic that aims to provide you and your loved ones with the best possible medical care!

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