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Sports Physicals $20.00 and DOT Physicals $75.00

DOT Physical Exam in Clio, MI

Clio Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic is  Proudly Staffed with DOT Certified Doctors who Perform Physical Exams for Your CDL Application

Clio Urgent Care and Walk In Clinic proudly provides DOT Physical Exams in Clio, MI

Urgent Care in Clio, MI is your one stop shop for DOT Physical Exams. We offer DOT physicals by certified DOT medical examiners. Drug and alcohol screening is available if needed. Our certified DOT physical exams include:

  • Review of your medical history
  • Comprehensive physical exam including hearing and vision testing
  • Urinalysis
  • Exam results automatically sent to the National DOT Registry on your behalf

Please call to make an appointment to ensure a DOT provider is staffing the facility.

4272 W. Vienna Road, Clio, MI
48420, In the K-Mart Plaza